My Bohemian Life

My name is Cassi Jo and I am an artist, an animal lover, travel junkie and amateur home cook on a mission to live a beautifully simple life. I run a dog walking business and online shop with my boyfriend and best friend, Casey H. Perez. My days consist of playing with dogs and creating: whether its through art, writing, crafts, or food.

A Bohemian Life is all about my day to day process of living a more simple and beautiful life. What that means to me? It means that less is often better. Its not the amount of things that matter but the quality. It means that happiness comes from experiences and relationships not how many things you can buy this week. It means eating simply by consuming whole foods and cutting out as many processed foods as often as possible. What is simple is often better for your health, the environment and your budget. Making things from scratch sounds daunting, but my blog is here to show you it can be really quite simple.

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